Why Buy an Emmrod Fishing System?

I’m not telling you to throw away your other fishing poles but, you just might!
How many kinds of hammers are there?  Carpenter, Jeweler, at least 3 kinds of ball pien, rubber, Claw,  club, sledge, joiner’s mallet, and so on.  Is any one better than the other or more or less of a hammer than the other?  No, each is a tool designed for its special functions.  We can say the same for pliers, irons, golf clubs, cars, trucks and fishing poles.  That leads us to Emmrod!
There are as many fishing poles as you can imagine, in fact there are about half a dozen different basic Emmrod fishing poles! With mixing and matching parts, you can create an even larger pool of choices! So, what makes Emmrod Special?
DURABILITY!        This pole just does not break!  The Rod part of the pole is Made in USA Stainless Steel.  Other parts are made in around the world and assembled in Spokane Washington by a Family owned and operated business. Great care is given to make sure each pole meets the highest standards. The company has been in business building these poles almost a decade and has actively listened to their customers and made changes to continually improve the Emmrod Fishing System.  We back up Emmrod with a great guarantee!
COMPACTABILITY!        One of the biggest problems with fishing is the hassle of getting from your house to your boat or river bank to fish.  With each additional person that problem increases.  How many times have you broken your rod slamming it in the door, driving over it, or stepping on it?  How many times has your wife had an additional ear piercing from your favorite hook on a pole squeezed between you as you drive?  With Emmrod, you can literally put an entire family’s fishing gear in a small backpack!  No hassle in dis-assembly or reassembly.   Ladies, if your husband does not support you in your fishing hobby, keep in mind, the Packer easily fits in a midsized purse.  You can tell him “Honey, I am off to the mall” and he will never know you went fishing!

PACKABILITY!        We talk about less clutter and space.  That is so important for the hunter, backpacker, Extreme Fisher, survivalist or airplane pilot or crew member who wants a surival pack or anyone who wants to be able to have a lot of capability but does not have room or weight allowances to permit taking a lot of equipment.  The Packer breaks down to about 12 inches of space and just a few ounces of weight! Other models breakdown into different sizes but all are very compact.


ADAPTABILITY!       How many times have you cursed the fact you have to drag three or four different poles to your favorite fishing area to accommodate the different types of fishing you are going to do?  With Emmrod, you may still want to take some different poles, fly fishing pole, bait casting reel pole and spinning pole for example, but, they all fit into a much smaller bag and you can buy several different rod tips to vary your fishing pleasure.  
CASTABILITY!        The Packer is a 2 foot pole with the action of a 6 to ten foot rod.  The spring assist in the stainless steel rod and the minimal number of eyes, usually just one, so reduces friction on the line that you can match or exceed the casting capability of much longer rods. You can cast over head or from the side and in places where there just is no room to handle a long pole.

SHOOTABILITY!       What?  We are not hunting!   True!    But, when we fish, often we find ourselves in a place where standard casting is just not going to workEven underhand casting may be difficult.  In these cases, you can grab the end of your pole, bend it back, aim and let her fly.  This will work easily up to and sometimes farther than 50-60 feet! Obviously, how heavy the weight is and how much you practice are factors.


 HOOKABILITY!  I know, just like most of my “Bility” words, this is not a word either, but you understood it!   In virtually any use, the spring in the rod helps set the hook, but, in trolling,  ice fishing or any use where the pole is not held in your hand, we see this magnifiedThe fish bites and pulls the rod, the spring pulls back and Mr. Fin is on the line! 


DECLUTTERABILITY!  I mentioned this in the compatibility paragraph, but, just think how much happier the non-fishing spouse is going to be when all of the gear shrinks down to a drawer or bucket or two instead of taking up the entire garage ceiling or wall space. Be it the garage, the car or the boat, being able to pack a family’s worth of fishing gear in a small spaceis going to make everyone happier. No tripping, no breaking, no huge packinging or unpacking hassles. Less time getting ready, more time fishing!
FUNABILITY!  Everything about the Emmrod is designed to give you more time fishing and better luck fishing.  The less time in take down or set up or packing, the more time fishing.  The more accurately you place your bait, the more you catch.  The more durable your fishing system, the less you spend.  Add it all together, more time fishing at less expensereally equals a lot more fun.  After-all, fun is what fishing is all about!


My Web Sites:  www.MYCOMPACTFISHING.COM  www.Emmrodfun.com www.Emmrodfunstore.com  www.EmmrodIdaho.comet.al.

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