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Kelp Bed Fishing By Kayak with the Emmrod 7 Coil rod

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Thanks for this great information Philip!  You caught a great fish!  Sounds like you overcame that great obstacle all we fishermen fight–snags and weeds.

Caught by Philip near Palos Verdes CA in a Kelp Bed

Caught by Philip near Palos Verdes CA in a Kelp Bed

“Today I was fishing in a kelp forest off of Palos Verdes with my Eemmrod Packer. I wasn’t casting, but simply dropping my lure in the thick kelp forest. This works well because boats can’t fish these areas due to the thick kelp, but the kayak works great. I caught a 21″ 6lb calico and the emmrod performed amazingly. I really like the 7 coil rod and believe it can take on a much stronger fish than 5lbs as rated. When I caught this bass I had to drag it out of the kelp so I didnt let it take any line. The 7 coil rod provided more than enough strength to muscle this fish in. Great fishing Rod especially on the Kayak!”
Fishing the Kelp Beds near Palos Verde using An Emmrod Packer with 7 coil universal rod.

Fine Calico caught in Kelp Bed near Palos Verde Ca while Kayak fishing with an Emmrod Packer with 7 coil universal rod.

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Thanks again Philip for some great information and photos.  Good fishing to you!  Dave

Angry White Men and their Guns and Bibles.

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

I just spent the last two days at the Spokane Gun Show and Flea Market.  I watched carefully for those angry old men, guns and Bibles.  I saw a lot of Bibles, I heard a lot of discussion about God’s blessing, I sure saw a HUGE number of guns, ammo and accessories.  I did see one angry white man about 3:23 pm on Saturday.  He had a sign on his back indicating he was the janitor.

What I noticed was a great sense of family amongst the dealers and buyers and private sellers.  In Washington, you can sell your rifles and pistols pretty freely.  This is a show where the customers can bring in their property to sell to either other buyers or to dealers. They walk around with placards on their backs or stuck in a flag down the barrel of their rifle. There are rules that must be observed, never-the-less, it is a pretty unfettered market.  There was lots of give and take, bargaining, swapping and negotiating.  It was very fun to watch.  People on both sides of the table were generally pretty friendly and that seemed to be the case whether they were saint or sinner.  By that, I mean a lot of the guys looked clean shaven, I noticed one pastor and talked with him briefly as he had purchased an Emmrod fishing pole at another venue several years ago. Incidentally, he was pretty happy.  So much for the sinners. There were also a lot of bikers, walking tattoo displays, commercial fishermen from Alaska, people of many different language groups.  I know I heard Mandarin Chinese, Russian (or Ukranianian–the are all Greek to me.), Thai and east Tennessee Mountain dialect. So much for the saints.  They were overwhelmingly pleasant.  I talked with some of each of these groups and had good discourse with most.

There was the guy who collects a certain rifle made by Moss-burg.  He has everything made by this company in a certain caliber, 350 I think.  He has been looking for 5 years for this last piece.  A 1970 or 1971 limited run of about 200 rifles.  Frankly, I have no interest in guns, so a lot of what gets talked about with me at a gun show means nothing to me.  I do have an interest in people and it was a lot of fun talking with this fellow.  I do not know what he does for a living, but, he clearly has the bucks to do what he wants.  He made an interesting observation.  He said, “I do not know what I will do when I get that last piece to the puzzle, it will be such a letdown. I told my wife I would probably move up to the 650 when that happens.”  Of course, she was thrilled.

There were the biker and his wife.  She loved the Emmrod Packer and I thought she would get him to buy it.  Maybe on line, they took a brochure. But, they got a hoot out of the guy who modified his motorcycle’s antenna so that he could use the US made Stainless Steel emmrod rod as an antenna, then, use it as a fishing pole when he went fishing.

My Good friend Jim went with me and sold several rifles and bought a great compound bow and arrow with all the appropriate toys for his Son-in-law out of the profits they made selling a rifle they had bought together.

Yes, this was a great show. Lots of different kinds of people all enjoying guns.  I can not wait for the next show in the first of the year. Go to a gun show sometime, you will have a great time.

PS.  You hear about mass murders at colleges, malls, churches, hotels, but not at gun shows with thousands of guns, tons of ammunition and people that know how to use both!  Hmmmm?

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