Swimming: Water Buffalo Wallow or Clean Crystal Clear Spring

Beautiful swimming and mud fishing lake

Beautiful swimming and mud fishing lake

Swimming: Water Buffalo Wallow or Crystal Clear Spring

Growing up at Nasuli, Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines, my friends and I had a beautiful, 30 foot deep, crystal clear swimming lake fed by several springs.  we swam in it, bathed in it, our drinking water came from it, I fished it for minnows, eels and mud fish (snake head fish), and caught frogs along its banks.

Not far away, there were several water buffalo wallows.  The water buffalo has no sweat glands.  It is a beast of burden, ploughs, harrows and works very hard.  To keep your water buffalos healthy, you have to give them cooling off time.  They love a nice pond or slow moving river as much as the next guy, girl or fish.  On the other hand, a little depression in the ground full of water works just as well.

They lie in these wallows for several hours getting rid of all that built up heat.  They lie there contentedly chewing their cud daring you to end their respite early.  In the meantime, they churn up the bottom of the pond and conduct all sorts of bodily functions in the water and move around creating a fine slurry of water, what they produce and the mud on the bottom.

We kids loved to emulate the water buffalo!  We spent uncountable hours jumping in and out and swimming these wallows.  We played in them until every fiber of our short pants, when we wore them, was completely surrounded by and infused with water buffalo wallow muck.

Our mothers screamed with frustration when we got home.  “You have that beautiful clear swimming pool with crystal clean water and you go swim in that foul, disgusting muck filled with carabao (water buffalo) poop and who knows what else.  What is the matter with you? You filthy little urchins!”

Some 40 and more years later, I have come to the conclusion the issue was the same spiritual battle we all fight.  On one hand, God has so much for us that is good and wonderful.  Yet, when offered the choice of His magnificence, you guessed right, off to the water buffalo wallows we go!  He so understands my mother!

Oh for Grace to stay on the right track!

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