Fishing Pole repair in the Spokane WA Area


This is just a quick note to see who out there does fishing pole repair in the Spokane area.  I am not worried about my Emmrod Compact Fishing Rod systems as we take care of that internally. In general, I would like to know who you have taken your broken rods to to fix and how you have liked their service.

One of my clients has some old fishing rods that have broken tips–a problem you avoid with the non-breakable Emmrod rods!  Additionally and perhaps a bit harder, he has an old bamboo fishing pole and I am looking  for someone who does repair and refurbish work on old bamboo poles.  You can post a comment below or email me the information at

On a bigger question, does it make sense to include a directory for this kind of service on this site?  How many of you are looking for that kind of help?  As a business owner, I have a million ideas of how to improve my service floating through my brain all the time.  It is hard to know how many are worth the work in terms of building a better, more useful site.  I would love some feedback on that idea.


Dave Atherton

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