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Chataqua Craft Fair 9-11 July 2010 In Chewelah

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Quick update on Chewelah’s Chataqua Craft Fair.

Two days down, Sunday to go.  It has been an interesting show.  My main regret is not being able to actually enjoy the show!  Selling Emmrod by myself in my booth pretty much nails my foot to the floor.  If I can get up there a bit early today, I might run through the craft show.

There has been a regular stream of people moving up and down the street and it has been a friendly show.  Sales are reflective of the current state of economic affairs, sadly.  I will remind folks who read this today that I have a fine selection of daylilies.  I really rather not carry them all home so, if you are interested in daylilies, come by and dicker with me today!

Hi folks. I will be setting up across from Zips during the Chewelah Chataqua Craft Fair this weekend. I will have a full array of Emmrod products as well as the Rhino Tarp Clip on hand so come by and learn about these great products.  Bring the wife, I will have a great selection of Daylilies as well.  The Daylilies come from my Garden in the Deer Park area. We grow about 250 kinds and I have about 80 kinds potted up and available for sale.

The Rhino Tarp Clips are the perfect product for all those camping tie down needs. Come see them in action!

Look for the Emmrod Packer, the Emmrod Mountaineer, the Emmrod Kayak King, the Emmrod Stream Master Fly Rod, The Emmrod Gulf Master I and II and the Rugged Flex pole designed for those big guys over 100 pounds.  Catching minnows to monsters, little to lunker, Emmrod is the rod for you!,,

Plans are also underway to attend the Sandpoint Idaho and Colfax Washington Fairs in August and September. Stay tuned for details.

Exchange Publishing Washington State Fishing Lakes Map

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

My Taskmaster at the Exchange, Helen, badgers me every week to get my ads in on time.  She hounds me with every new “opportunity” for great advertising.  Of course, when she took over my account, her predecessor informed her, “Remember, just treat him like you are running a day care center.”  Everyone needs a Helen keeping them on schedule.  Thanks Helen for taking such good care of me!  If you need help with your ads, call Helen at the Exchange.  (509) 922-3456.

Recently, she called me and suggested a great chance to advertise my Emmrod Compact Fishing system.  It was through a special issue celebrating summertime fishing.  I thought it was such a great map that I both bought an ad–see it in the top left margin of the map–and wanted to make it available to my reading public.  If this does not work on your system, here is the link to visit:

Your Quick reference Lake Fishing Guide

Your Quick reference Lake Fishing Guide

Check out my Emmrod Compact Fishing model, Kayak King, at   I will be selling across the street from Zips at the Chataqua Art & Craft Festival  Friday – Sun Jul 9-11, 2010.

February & March 2010 Emmrod Sales Schedule

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Other sales up coming:  Possibly the 19-21 February show in Yakima.  Won’t decide until a couple days before. Highly dependent on Spokane weather.

25-28 February.  I am contemplating the Home and Yard Show in Spokane.  Watch for updates.  Sorry, Fishing Poles, even those as great as Emmrod, are not considered fit for the home and yard show.  I tried!  All of the Custer shows are very strictly regulated as to what is sold.  e.g. Home and Yard show deals only with home and landscaping, fountains etc etc.  The Craft show requires you to be making the product your self to the point of even making most of the parts. I am not dinging them, they are consistent.  The fishing poles just do not fit in any of their show categories.  I wish they did!

4-7 March.  Great “Western Sportsfishing Show at the Convention Center I think I am booth 220 for that by the Big Tank.

18-21 March Big Horn Show at the fair grounds.  I will be by the fishing tanks.

2-4 April, Lewis and Clark Traders Gun show Spokane Fair Grounds

If there is a show you think I should check out, please email me at Thanks.

December sales schedule

Monday, December 7th, 2009

19-21 Dec, Tentative BX at Fairchild AFB.

12-13 Dec, Spokane Gun Show & Flea Market 404 North Havana St, Ste 1  Spokane Valley, WA 99202

Hello world!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Hi! Welcome to Compact Fishing!  Your home of the world’s most advanced fishing system.  It is designed to give you lots of FUN!  It is easy, uncluttered, convenient to use and easily adjustable to what you want to catch.  That means less time getting ready to fish and more time fishing which means more FUN in the Sun, and rain, and wind, but, still more FUN! Check in this thread for scheduling and other special notices.

Comments welcome, but, keep them clean and pleasant. If you have a merchandise issue–rare but it does happen–we work to resolve those quickly so contact me via email at

I would love to have you lay out your experiences and post photos of you and your fish (They may appear in advertising so if you do not want that make sure I know!  I will assume I may use them.  Try to include your Emmrod in the photo!  Dave

Keep checking us out at which will take you to the site.  The Emmrod line of products has something for virtually everyone. Dave Atherton