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Emmrod Packrod Updates

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

It is hard to keep up with product developments! Emmrod is constantly updating their great compact fishing system. The Packrod series for both casting and spinning is the scene of several new innovations. It is still available as pictured on the web, but, we have upgraded both the cork and the reel seat on new models as well as added in the salt water version. The cork is now natural cork vice the manufactured cork typically seen. The reel seat has been upgraded to the Fuji Reel seats which are top of the line in quality. Finally, we have changed the construction of the end so that you can rinse the inside of the pole. Water in one end, out the other! No salt build up or negative effects. You can maintain your equipment in style! These upgrades raise the price on these items to $86 with the reels.

Stay tuned as we will get these on site ASAP. In the meantime, you can email me to order these.

More Later. Dave

Iron Fish! The most muscles per pound of ANY fish!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

I may make a note here and there, but, mostly, I purloined this article upon which I stumbled. I have left all of the attributions in so you know who the guilty parties are.

I am not sure if I approve of this genetic modification. Generally, I support reasonable genetic playing around, after all, all advances in agriculture and animal husbandry resulted from controlling the reproductive process of whatever was being manipulated. Jacob did this to his father-in-law to insure the goats and sheep he got to keep were the ones likely to be borne. I believe that was based on color. I forget who I studied about as a kid, but, I still recall the controlling of which peas got to fertilize the other peas led to the development of better peas. I have over 250 named varieties of day-lilies many of which are triploids, you got it, genetically modified plants and beautiful! Slaves, sadly, were bred for strength. Commenting on this fact caused Jimmy the Greek his job when he discussed the link between the prevalence of blacks in football and the foul habits of slave owners to breed their slaves for desired characteristics. You and I picked our brides and grooms based on certain genetic traits we found attractive. So, fiddling with genetics is not new. But, when you start using technology, we start to get nervous. Maybe with good reason. Somehow, Arnie the trout bothers me. I look at this body and do not see muscles, I see tumors. Finely developed bodies are pleasant to look at. This goes for human and animal. This fish does not turn me on! What do you think?

Meet Arnie, the Terminator Trout with the physique of a body-builder

By Sara Nelson
Last updated at 1:11 AM on 13th March 2010

Scientists have created a genetically-modified trout with the rippling muscles of a body-builder.

Arnie terminator trout

The mutant fish is the result of a decade-long effort by Terry Bradley, a professor of fisheries and aquaculture at the University of Rhode Island.

The rainbow trout’s enhanced muscle mass is between 15 to 20 per cent higher than that of a standard fish, thanks to Professor Bradley’s research into the inhibition of myostatin, a protein that slows growth.

The increased muscle mass will have commercial benefits in that larger fish can be grown without increasing the amount of food they need.

While the physical differences in the fish include a prominent dorsal hump, making it look as if it has muscular shoulders, and the appearance of ‘six pack abs’, no differences in behavior have been noted.

Describing the results as ‘stunning’, Professor Bradley told Science Daily: ‘Belgian blue cattle have a natural mutation in myostatin causing a 20 to 25 percent increase in muscle mass, and mice overexpressing myostatin exhibit a two-fold increase in skeletal muscle mass.

‘But fish have a very different mechanism of muscle growth than mammals, so we weren’t certain it was going to work.’

Luckily for Professor Bradley, it did work.

The team injected thousands of rainbow trout eggs with various DNA types designed to inhibit myostatin.

Of the eggs that hatched, those which carried the gene began to develop ‘body-builder’ physiques.

Professor Bradley added: ‘The results have significant implications for commercial aquaculture and provide completely novel information on the mechanisms of fish growth.

‘The results also allow for comparisons between the mechanisms of growth of muscle in mammals versus fish, and it could shed light on muscle wasting diseases in humans.’

Read more:

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Loon Lake, Stevens County Washington, a report

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I am blessed to live in an area of Spokane County which is surrounded by lakes. I have finally started fishing them! I just listed a couple properties in Loon Lake. One of them has lake access through Morgan Park, a subdivision on the north side of the lake. You can check out a tour of that listing at The point is, I am going to take advantage of that listing to do some shore fishing here in a month when the season opens!

In the meantime, here is some internet research on the lake.

Here is some information from the Washington State Department of Ecology:


Size (acres) 1100
Maximum Depth (feet) 100
Mean Depth (feet) 46
Lake Volume (acre-feet) 50600
Drainage Area (square miles) 14.10
Altitude (feet) 2381
Shoreline Length (miles) 7.9

loon lake department of ecology

There is a lot of other generic information through which most folks will not enjoy plowing. For the severely masochistic, here is the link:

Shore Acres Resort has a great description of the fishing opportunities. Here it is in toto. Their link is at the end:

Fishing at Shore Acres Resort
Fishing season begins in April and ends in October. Loon Lake is considered one of the best fishery’s in the entire area.
Loon Lake is one of Eastern Washington’s largest lakes covering over 1100 acres. The water is crystal clear, coming from a natural spring, and reaches a depth of 140 feet. Elevation at Loon Lake is 2400 feet.
Fish species include Kokanee, Mackinaw, Small & Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout & Eastern Brook Trout. In addition there are Perch, Crappie, Brown Bullhead Catfish and Pumpkinseed Sunfish.

Check the Fishing in Washington Regulation Pamphlet for rules on freshwater fishing and eastside lakes. Youth under 15 years of age do not need a license to fish. License requirements and fees are available from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. Recreational fishing licenses can be purchased at All Seasons Grocery and Hardware in the town of Loon Lake.

Pontoon boat and aluminum fishing boats are available to rent. Reservations are recommended. Ask about hourly and weekly rates.

Boat launch and moorage are available if you’ll be bringing your own boat. Ask about weekly, monthly and seasonal boat slip rates. We also have boat fuel available.

We carry a variety of fishing tackle and live bait.

When you arrive, ask for a map of Loon Lake’s favorite fishing spots.

Here is their link:

(Incidentally, I believe this resort and a huge piece of land is available for sale. If you are interested, please contact me as I am a licensed Realtor. (

This lake has another resort at Granite Point. There is also a public dock near the NW corner of the lake. As with all other state access points, you need to buy a public parks parking sticker to park there.

The silvers are a great fish to catch here. Any of our rods using the Top Water Tip would be great for these soft biting fish.

Enjoy this great fishing experience! Only about 5 weeks to go. (Usually opens 31 April but check with the State.)

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Great Western Sportfishing Show Spokane Washington

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Wow! What a weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday I set up and sold compact Emmrod Fishing poles at the Great Western Sportsfishing Show in the Spokane Convention Center. There was something for everyone there. I think I had to like the big fish tank set up next to me the most. There was something special about being able to actually see fish swiming, following lures and just enjoying life in a manner that made them visible to us. The tank was about 20 feet long, six feet wide and 8 feet tall. There were several small mouth bass, several large mouth bass, at least three really nice walleye, several huge triploid trout, a couple steelhead which really went after the hookless lures used to demonstrate fishing techniques, as well as several other trout. There were also a lot of smaller fish which I never identified.

There were several bait makers, numerous British Columbia, Washington, Alaska and Oregon outfitters pushing their locations for fishing trips. I had a great conversation with a gentleman who has a family business hosting tours to Hawaii, Panama, and Costa Rica. We had a lot of shared fishing experiences to share. He was proud of his son who had a grand slam day where he caught five different marlin–black marlin, blue marlin, silver marlin and a couple more which I do not recall. There was a nice family selling Kayaks in the Sandpoint Idaho area.

Of course, I was there selling my Emmrod compact fishing poles. It was an interesting show. I sold mostly Kayak Kings. I also sold the Packer and the Packrod, both spinning and casting models. The top water tip was also a good seller with three or four of those also hitting the spot. Bass Season is almost hear and a good rod tip for those top water lures really sparked a lot of interest.

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to put together a few stories from the show so check back from time to time. I am looking forward to the upcoming Big Horn show at the Spokane County Fairgrounds in about ten days. That will be tough as it is a four day show. If you are there, look for me by the fishing pond.

Well, that is about it for tonight. Check out my Compact Fishing system with the unbreakable stainless steel rods at or

What is the difference between Communism and Capitalism?

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

You do not normally start a story with the punch line, but this time, we will. The answer is: In capitalism, as we all know, Man exploits Man. In Communism, it is the other way around. (AKA Man exploits Man.)

So, knowing how the joke ends, I want to explain the difference between a true believer and someone who found it the convenient path.

Whilst working on the POW/MIA investigations, I spent many hundreds of hours in circumstances where we had nothing to do but wait. Wait for a drive to be over, wait for this that or the other chairman or witness or guide to show up. Or, we spent many hours in dinners and parties or events involved with our work. For one who hates the sounds of silence, that means lots of talking. For a guy who loves to argue about politics, that means lots of arguing. Where better for an ardent capitalist to argue than in the Vietnam of the late 1980’s?

One of my favorite guys was Ngo Hoang. I have to tell you, I still have a lot of fondness for this old man who had lots and lots of history under his belt. At the time of this event, he would have been in his early sixties. We had worked together for about 18 months and knew each other well. We discussed this that and the other thing and were pretty free with each other in that few topics were off limits. After the fall of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, one of his jobs was to convert the captured French soldiers to the joys of communism. He was pretty successful from what I hear. As a Ministry of Foreign Affairs employee, his English was reasonably good and my marginal Vietnamese filled any holes he had.

We were enjoying a good-by, end of the investigation joint team meal in Saigon before returning to Thailand and he and I began a discussion on the differences between Capitalism and Communism. We discussed the stock market, the investment of the worker (time) vice the investment of the owner (time, money, capital) and the correctness of making a profit on the labor of others which he denied. We argued through the aperitif, the main course, and finally the desert. Finally, I posed the question above to him. At the point where I explained that capitalism involved Man exploiting Man, he said with conviction “YES, YES, YES!”

When I said in communism it is the other way around, he exploded “NO, NO, NO!!!” That was the only time I ever got him hot and he was hot! He took out a cigarette stuck it in his mouth and lit the filter. You see, Mr. Hoang was a believer. He understood the problems with the difference in the theory and the practice which we had discussed. Yet, he had spent his life promulgating this doctrine and struggled with the growing reality that it did not work.

Now we fast forward to another co-worker of this time frame. Mr. Dich. Mr. Dich had ridden the party as a convenience. He had served the party and the party had served him. I never saw the ideological love which I saw in Mr. Hoang. He HAD paid his dues. As a young man, he had participated in a brutal truly remarkable (from a soldier to a soldier) march from Hue to Dien Bien Phu to provide reinforcements to the Communists fighting the French leading up to the final fall of the outpost. He was wounded in this battle via grenade shrapnel in his leg. He showed me the damage from the wound which 40 plus years or so later was still ugly. He had participated as a party secretary at the Paris Peace Talks in 1972/1973 which resulted in the US withdrawal from Vietnam. My Friend Bill Bell indicates in his book that Mr. Dich may have been involved in assassinations at one point in his career. I do not find that hard to believe. Whereas Mr. Hoang was personable and debonair and a mixer, Mr. Dich was morose, and kept to himself far more. He was a bit grumpier than most of the people we worked with. Being a diplomat, I was able to get along with Mr. Dich fairly well.

On this particular trip, we were in the Ashau-Aloui valley. The north end of this valley was made famous by the movie Hamburger Hill. The terrain was brutal, the malaria which infested the area was a particularly vicious form of cerebreal Malari. The mountains were vertical. In short, the main benefit the area had was the multitude of fish ponds created by the B52 bombing of the area during the war. A couple memories of that trip were the horribly scarred face of the noseless man who was burned almost to death when he tried to open up an unexploded bomb to get the phospherous and to obtain the metal for recycling. He messed up and the bomb went off in a fizzling sort of way. I still can see his face.

I also remember coming down a stream bed where we scaled the walls at the edge of several 100 foot waterfalls. Mr. Dich followed me in the file and I put his feet in cracks and handed him vines all the way down. (Mr. Dich was about 60 at the time of that event and mountain climbing was not in his job description. He stayed in the hotel the next day and we went out without him.)

One evening, we were resting after the day’s work talking about the war–a discussion worth its own story–and I popped the Man VS Man story on him. I tried Vietnamese, I tried English. My team leader, Gary Smith, tried Spanish which they both spoke. He just did not get it. I think one of the team members spoke a bit of French which Mr. Dich spoke well. Still nothing. Later, as we moved towards Hanoi, we stopped for a lunch break. Mr. Dich was in a particularly grumpy mood and was sitting off by himself. I went over and sat down with him and tried to cheer him up. Finally I got out a paper and wrote out the joke. When I visually moved the front man to the back man place and vice versa, the lights came on! Mr. Dich, in his high pitched voice said in amazement, “The SAME, They’re the SAME!” He saw the light! He KNEW the truth! He reveled in it, he rolled in it and laughed out-loud.

For the next three days as we drove from central Vietnam to Hanoi, he sat in the back seat and every once in a while, he would start tapping his knee, smile and say, “The Same! They’re the Same!”

You see, Mr. Dich was pragmatic and moved with the flow. When communism was what worked, he was fine with it. As the country began moving to a more open economy, and these were the very early stages of that move, he could move with it. Mr. Hoang, on the other hand, was a true, orthodox believer and while I believe he saw the truth of the statement, found it brutally hard to bear.

In any case, both men were very interesting and I look back at my association with them with happiness. It was a good work and we as former enemies were able to work together to achieve some measure of success for our respective countries.

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Bass Lake, Stevens County, Republic Washington

Monday, March 1st, 2010

In the Lake Series of Blogs, I am going to purloin basic info from other sites to make a compilation of details about different lakes. I am starting with BASS LAKE which is about 3 or 4 miles from Republic Washington in the NW corner of Stevens county Washington.

Latitude: 48.6324037 Longitude: -118.0010965

MAP LINK:,-95.712891&sspn=49.449097,78.662109&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Bass+Lake&ll=48.632455,-118.001232&spn=0.020166,0.038409&t=h&z=15

While there is a lot of good fishing in this area, Bass Lake just does not come up on any of the searches as a place for the general public to fish. It is surrounded by pretty heavily treed area and appears to be fed by a couple short streams. The main water flow in terms of small streams in the area seems to pass this lake by. The lake is more or less round and appears to be about 4-500 feet across. The aerial photo makes it look like the east side is fairly swampy in the trees, but, that may be a shaddow effect. There is a road that accesses the hill from the north side of the lake.

due to the lack of information on line about this lake, I would check with local people in Republic before trying to fish it.

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If you Fish Stevens County Washington Lakes, you need this list!

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Stevens County Washington is a fisherman, fisherwoman’s dream come true! Look at the list below! Many lakes with a good number of these being actually dammed rivers so the lakes are miles long. I purloined this list from this link: I will be doing some updating on this list as I can find information on each of these lakes. I look forward to you being able to purchase a fine Emmrod fishing pole to use as you fish for trout, catfish, walleye, bluegill, sunfish, bass, and any of the other many fish in these lakes. Check back to this blog regularly as I will be updating this list with malice and aforethougt!
Name County USGS Topo Map
Ansaldo Lake Stevens Belshazzar Mountain
Bass Lake Stevens Echo Valley
Bayley Lake Stevens Cliff Ridge
Benjamin Lake Stevens Benjamin Lake
Benson Lake Stevens Nelson Peak
Black Lake Stevens Lake Gillette
Blue Lake Stevens Valley
Blue Lake Stevens Arden
Bowen Lake Stevens China Bend
Browns Lake Stevens Waitts Lake
Buck Lake Stevens Addy
Buhrig Lake Stevens Bossburg
Buzzard Lake Stevens Nelson Peak
Cedar Lake Stevens Leadpoint
Clark Lake Stevens Cedonia
Coffin Lake Stevens Lake Gillette
Dailey Lake Stevens Addy Mountain
De Hart Lake Stevens White Mud Lake
Deep Lake Stevens Deep Lake
Deer Lake Stevens Deer Lake
Dilly Lake Stevens Bossburg
Doe Lake Stevens Addy
Douglass Lake Stevens White Mud Lake
Dry Lake Stevens Echo Valley
Easter Sunday Lake Stevens Churchill Mountain
Elbow Lake Stevens Belshazzar Mountain
Erickson Lake Stevens Arden
Evans Pond Stevens Marcus
First Thought Lake Stevens Laurier
Fourmile Lake Stevens Waitts Lake
Fuhrman Lake Stevens Kettle Falls
Gilbert Lake Stevens Laurier
Gillette Lake Stevens Lake Gillette
Glasgo Lakes Stevens Bossburg
Hansen Lake Stevens Waitts Lake
Harlin Lake Stevens Marcus
Hatch Lake Stevens Addy Mountain
High Lake Stevens Addy
Hill Lake Stevens Marcus
Hirsch Pond Stevens Valley
Hooknose Lake Stevens Abercrombie Mountain
Horseshoe Lake Stevens Goddards Peak
Hyatt Lake Stevens Marcus
Johnson Lake Stevens Goddards Peak
Jumpoff Joe Lake Stevens Valley
Keogh Lake Stevens White Mud Lake
Knight Lake Stevens Four Mound Prairie
Lake City Lakes Stevens Echo Valley
Lake Heritage Stevens Aladdin Mountain
Lake Thomas Stevens Aladdin Mountain
Lamar Lake Stevens Churchill Mountain
Lee Lake Stevens Colville
Lenz Lake Stevens Arden
Little Pend Oreille Lakes Stevens Aladdin Mountain
Little Pierre Lake Stevens Laurier
Long Lake Stevens Addy Mountain
Loon Lake Stevens Deer Lake
Mathews Lake Stevens Little Falls
May Lake Stevens Colville
McCoy Lake Stevens McCoy Lake
Meadow Pond Stevens Waitts Lake
Mission Lake Stevens Kettle Falls
Mitchell Lake Stevens Kentry Ridge
Mud Lake Stevens Chewelah
Mudgett Lake Stevens Hunters
Nelson Lake Stevens Nelson Peak
Nettleton Lake Stevens Rice
Newbill Lake Stevens Hunters
O’Toole Lake Stevens China Bend
Pepoon Lake Stevens Belshazzar Mountain
Perkins Lake Stevens Bossburg
Phalon Lake Stevens China Bend
Phillips Lake Stevens Calispell Peak
Phillips Lake Stevens Northport
Pierce Lake Stevens Cliff Ridge
Pierre Lake Stevens Laurier
Pittman Lake Stevens Laurier
Potter Lake Stevens Colville
Quinns Meadows Stevens Spirit
Red Lake Stevens Tumtum
Reeder Lake Stevens Echo Valley
Rigley Lake Stevens Echo Valley
Rocky Lake Stevens Addy Mountain
Rolly Lake Stevens Arden
Ryan Lake Stevens Bossburg
Silver Crown Lake Stevens Northport
Starvation Lake Stevens Cliff Ridge
Summit Lake Stevens Laurier
Swede Lake Stevens Waitts Lake
Taylor Lake Stevens Laurier
Thompson Lake Stevens White Mud Lake
Turtle Lake Stevens Marcus
Turtle Lake Stevens Turtle Lake
White Lake Stevens White Mud Lake
White Mud Lake Stevens White Mud Lake
Williams Lake Stevens China Bend
Winslow Lake Stevens Cliff Ridge

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