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Hello world!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Hi! Welcome to Compact Fishing!  Your home of the world’s most advanced fishing system.  It is designed to give you lots of FUN!  It is easy, uncluttered, convenient to use and easily adjustable to what you want to catch.  That means less time getting ready to fish and more time fishing which means more FUN in the Sun, and rain, and wind, but, still more FUN! Check in this thread for scheduling and other special notices.

Comments welcome, but, keep them clean and pleasant. If you have a merchandise issue–rare but it does happen–we work to resolve those quickly so contact me via email at

I would love to have you lay out your experiences and post photos of you and your fish (They may appear in advertising so if you do not want that make sure I know!  I will assume I may use them.  Try to include your Emmrod in the photo!  Dave

Keep checking us out at which will take you to the site.  The Emmrod line of products has something for virtually everyone. Dave Atherton